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Make a Daquari like Delly


Simple vanilla syrup(batch)

200g white sugar

200g water

1 vanilla bean split & scraped (or vanilla essence/ extract)

For the drink

75ml Passionfruit juice

50ml Bacardi Ocho rum (or rum of your choice)

25ml Vanilla syrup

Lime (optional)

:1 passionfruit
, 1 paper straw


Simple Vanilla Syrup(Batch)

Place sugar, water and vanilla bean in a pot on the stove. Bring to a simmer and whisk for a moment, remove from heat & leave to cool. If using vanilla essence you should add it once the heat is turned off.

Dellys Daquiri

In a blender or nutribullet add passionfruit juice, rum and vanilla syrup, top up with ice. Blend until smooth, taste and pour into glass. You may wish to add more sugar or a squeeze of lime juice if you want something that feels less sweet.

To Garnish
, cut a passionfruit in half, scrape the seeds and fruit out and onto the top of your cocktail. Make sure you are using a paper or reusable straw and enjoy!

Bartender tip!

The simple syrup recipe can be used to make a whole range of different flavour enhancers for your cocktails, try adding herbs, chillies, spices such as peppercorns or cardamom, lemon or even some crispy bacon. Add them when you are cooking the syrup and leave to infuse overnight.

Hurricane David

A powerful drink paying tribute to a powerful storm


1oz strong white rum (sunset / wray & newphew)
1oz vodka
1oz dark rum
½ oz Kahlua
½ oz lime juice
½ oz sugar syrup


Shaken and served on ice with lime wedge & local Mustique floral garnish.


Enjoy, and mind how you go!


As featured in:
Summer’s top 10 cocktails – and where to sip them

Christopher Ross, CNN Travel, August 2018

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